This Week In Dun Or


Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott


Here’s what’s happening This Week In Dun Or!

Evacuations continue within some areas of our Barony due to the Bobcat fire. If you are currently in an area requiring evacuation, if your residence becomes a part of that evacuation, or if you simply need more information, -please- reach out to our Caid Disaster Coordinator, Kennari Erin A- Aldgytha of Ashwood, our Baron and Baroness, Bjorn (Michael Wahlquist) and Roisin Ni Brians, or our Seneschal, Lord Felipe ( Phillip Trujillo ) – Dun Or stands ready to assist you in any way possible!

ALL BARONIAL AND KINGDOM PHYSICAL EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2021 Per the Board of Directors of the SCA, INC. Please heed all recommendations and edicts from Society and Mundane Authorities! Stay home, take all precautions, and stay healthy – YOU are important, YOU matter, and YOU are a valuable part of our Baronial family!
Please continue to check this page for more information from the SCA, Inc. Board of Directors, our Kingdom Officials, and our Baron and Baroness as it becomes available. The ties that bind us all to one another, in friendship, and in fellowship, endure even during our physical absence from one another. No distance can separate us if our hearts remain united! Stand together, Dun Or! Take care of yourselves- and one another. Please stay connected, and reach out if you need any help – we are here for you!
September 21,2020 – Time: 7 P.M.
Location:Kingdom of Caid Facebook Group
You won’t want to miss this awesome hour, hosted by Master Laertes. This week’s guest will be Silent Heraldry/ASL Chatelaine Baroness Thea Northernridge.THL Lucia Liverick from the Kingdom of AnTir will be performing LIVE! Be sure to check it out!
September 22, 2020 – Time: 7 P.M.
Location: Zoom (Link: Password: game )
Come join the Dun Or Baronial Family for a night of fun, and fellowship every Tuesday evening at Dun Or’s Family Game Night!
September 25, 2020 – 7 P.M.
Location: Zoom ( Link:… Password: garb )
Please join our baronial family for a fun evening discussing your favorite art projects! Bring something to share – folks will be available to help with the virtual drafting of patterns, or help with whatever you may be working on!

All In-Person activities have been suspended until January 31,2021, per the Board of Directors of the SCA, Inc. Please take advantage of the opportunities to support our noble cousins in other parts of the realm by attending virtual events, and classes they may host!

The seasons continue to turn – summer yields to the autumn, and soon, it will be time to celebrate Yule! This year’s celebration will certainly look different, due to Covid-related restrictions, but we would like to preserve the spirit of the season with our Baronial family! If you have any ideas or suggestions for Baronial activities, please contact our seneschal, Lord Felipe (Phillip Trujillo), to share them!

A reminder: Friday evening Dun Or Rapier Group (And Friends) Virtual Get-Together will be happening on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month -only-. A new Virtual Get-Together, the Baronial “Stitch and…..Vitch”, for the sharing of arts and sciences projects, sewing helps, and just general fun, and chat will be happening during the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.

Do you have a story to tell? The Tower Tails, our Baronial Newsletter, is currently looking for articles for our next edition! For more information, contact our chronicler, Lady Tsura/Lady Ceri (Victoria Soldo)

While staying safe at home is necessary to protect the members of our populace, the loss of revenue to our Kingdom has taken a substantial toll on our Kingdom and Society coffers. If you would like to make a donation in support of our Kingdom, and its future activity, you can contact our Kingdom Exchequer, Mistress Cara at for more information on how to contribute to our General Fund. There are fundraisers going on as well – for more information on how to participate, please see Her Excellency, Baroness Roisin Ni Brian, His Lordship Felipe ( Phillip Trujillo) or your humble Social Media Officer,THL Ragnailt (Dena Springer ) .

If your SCA Membership has lapsed, -please- consider renewing, and/or extending your membership for an additional time frame. If you would like to gift an SCA Membership, that is possible as well. Instructions for doing so may be found at:

CAID’S WATER WARS EXTRAVAGANZA is currently underway! Sponsored by The Tin Brigade (Youth Combat) of Calafia, this fundraiser gives you a fun “reward” for your investment/donation to our Kingdom! face. For every thousand dollars donated to the Kingdom a different Baron or Baroness will go to Water Balloon War with a Kingdom Youth..This event will run from Saturday, July 11th until December 31, and is intended to promote youth combat throughout the Kingdom and help raise funds for Caid! For more information, and information about how -you- can donate to this effort – Please check out the event page at :
The Known World Entertainment Guide, ( ) publishes a weekly calendar of Online Content from across the Known World. Be sure to check it out to see what’s going on from all over the many SCA realms!

Have your creative juices been going wild lately? Are you looking for a great way to showcase your talents in the Arts and Sciences? Their Royal Majesties, and Their Royal Highnesses are in great need of largesse! Need more information? Contact our Minister of Arts and Sciences, Lady Eva (Yvonne Trujillo) , Her Excellency, Baroness Roisin Ni Brian or the Royal Largesse Coordinator, Dame Khalida Al-Khansa for more Information.

Be sure to check out the Baronial Rapier Facebook Group at for some great instructional videos by our own THL Hyoo (Jonathan Curry)!

A number of magnificent classes in a wide variety of arts and sciences available in The SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display Group located at: . Be sure to check out these great classes from all over the Knowne World!
For more information about what’s going on here in Caid, and beyond, be sure to check out the #SCAatHome hashtag!

Our Barony is blessed to have so many among our number who are willing to serve- a very special thank you to all who have recently stepped up to take an office, or to serve as Deputies! We have a remaining need for a Deputy Seneschal to serve as THL Felipe’s successor. If you are interested, or would like more information about what the position entails, please contact THL Felipe (Phillip Trujillo), or our current Deputy Seneschal, Dame Khalida Al-Khansa

The Barony of Dun Or is in the process of establishing it’s very own Library! If you have books or other resources that have been helpful or enjoyable to you that you would be willing to share with others, Lady Eva (Yvonne Trujillo) will be accepting donations at all Baronial functions. If you have books or other resources, that you wish to retain as your own personal property, but would be willing to lend out to other baronial members, please see Lady Eva know, so that we can include those items in our library’s list of rentals available.

Take care, and have a great week, everyone! Stay safe! Dun Or needs the bright and shining light that you and you alone can bring!

*NOTE: If you have an announcement that you would like to see included in “This Week In Dun Or”, please drop Ragnailt (Dena) a note with your information, and we can make that happen