Greetings All! Bjorn and I were finally able to hammer out our baronial progress for the duration of the year. Here are the events that at least one of us is planning on going to. We’d be honored to have any of the Dun Or populace join us at any of these events! Please let us know who plans to be there (or just show up, that’s totally okay too!). I’ve marked the events we will be brining the baronial pavilion to with an *. Set up and tear down help for these events is always greatly appreciated. If we don’t have the baronial we will be bringing a pop-up and some rugs for as our baronial home base for the day.

If you would like to attend an event that we’re not going to, but are concerned about not having a spot to hang out for the day please let us know, we can help make arrangements.

40 Year/Coronation*
June 23-24, al-Sahid (Victorville) – Bjorn & Roisin

Lyondemere Anniversary
July 21, Lyondemere (Torrance) – Bjorn or Roisin

Festival of the Rose,
August 18 TBA- Roisin

Highland War*,
September 1-2, al-Sahid (around Victorville) – Bjorn & Roisin

Angels Anniversary,
September 8, Angels (Monrovia)- Bjorn & Roisin

Crown Tournament*,
September 15, TBA- Bjorn & Roisin (Bjorn will be fighting in Crown lists)

Rapier Open,
September 22, Altavia (probably Sylmar)- Roisin

Great Western War*,
October October 3-7- Bjorn & Roisin
(This is the big war!! Make sure to pre-register— you must pre-register to land allocate with the barony!)

Dreiburgen Anniversary (maybe),
October 27, Dreiburgen (Riverside)- Bjorn or Roisin

Calafia Anniversary,
November 3, Calafia (San Diego)- Bjorn

Navaheim Anniversary & Investiture (maybe),
November 10, Navaheim (Ridgecrest)- Bjorn or Roisin

Dun Or Yule,
Dun Or- Bjorn & Roisin



Fighting events for armored combat:
40 Year (tournaments TBA)
Lyondemere Anniversary
Highland War (melee)
Angels Anniversary
Crown*** if you intend to fight in the crown list or just want to do pick-ups
Great Western War (melee)
Dreiburgen Anniversary
Calafia Anniversary
Navaheim Anniversary

Fighting events for rapier combat:
40 Year (tournaments TBA)
Lyondemere Anniversary
Highland War (melee)
Angels Anniversary
Rapier Open
Great Western War (melee + tournaments)
Dreiburgen Anniversary
Calafia Anniversary
Navaheim Anniversary

Major arts events
(there is usually at least an arts competition at every event on our progress, but the events below will feature classes as well)
40 Year
Festival of the Rose
Highland War
Great Western War
Carpools are available for all of these events.

Long Live Dun Or!!