The Populace and their Excellencies of Dun Or warmly invite you to join us in Celebration of our 27th year as a Barony!

Our theme will be a High Middle Ages Tournament (think Knight’s Tale!), and we have plenty of fun, sun, and a little silliness planned. All activities are to encourage lighthearted pageantry and fun.

Fighters: Medieval nobles were proud to trace their lineage back to the great heroes (and sometimes demigods) of yore. Some of these lineages were quite…fantastical. What is your lineage? Present your Lineage to Their Excellencies before the start of lists. Personal heralds and written lineages are highly encouraged. There is no such thing as ‘too over the top’ and there will be prizes. Personal heralds are encouraged to speak up throughout the day. There will also be a prize for the best personal heralding throughout the day.

There will be a Grand Melee before the beginning of the First Bear Pit of the day. All Fighters who wish to participate in the Melee are strongly encouraged to find a (temporary) consort for the Melee who has not been fought for, or has not been fought for in a long time. Fighters will be given a token at lists to give to their consort. The color of the token given will determine sides in the melee. Pageantry and speeches are (always) encouraged.

The Championship list for both armored and rapier combat will be 3 successive bear pits (styles tba), with the top 2 fighters of each bear pit advancing to single elimination semi-finals. Semi finals and finals rounds will include a variety of forms, including a silly secondaries round for both rapier AND armored (so bring your silly secondaries! Silly secondaries will not be combat effective and should be field safe and family friendly. If you have any questions about appropriate secondaries please direct them to Their Excellencies). Personal heralds are encouraged for these rounds as well. Bring your best Poetic Self with praises for your (and your opponent’s!) consorts.

Join us a mid-Day for a lighthearted Joust …all ages are welcome and you need not authorize as a fighter!!!!

There will be a plethora of Youth Activities, including a Dragon Egg Hunt and Youth Combat. Bring your children!!!

The Arts and Science Competition theme is the High Middle Ages and the Crusades (1095-1291), including but not limited to food, dress, art, architecture, or anything else related to all cultures involved in this tumultuous time in history. BONUS! In your research, what is the most surprising thing that you learned about this period of history? Write a quick paragraph on it (and site your source! If you have any questions about what is a good source, we can help!). Entries will be judged by Her Excellency for most strange and surprising.

Join us on a Quest for the Holy Grail- all ages are welcome with parental supervision.

A Donation Luncheon is planned, menu TBA.

And of course, we will have our opportunity drawing. (Donations of SCA and historically-related items are welcome!)

Merchants are Welcome!!! Please contact the Event Stewards for more information.

Schedule of the Day:

8:00 am: Site Opens

9:00 AM: Gate Opens

9:30 AM: Lists Open

10:00 AM (or at their Majesties and Their Excellencies Pleasure) court Begins

11:00 AM Melee

11:30 AM Fighting Commences

1:00 pm Break for Lunch

1:30 PM Joust commences

2:30 PM Youth combat

3:00 PM Fighting Finals

4:30 PM Closing Court

6:00 pm Site Closes (Get off my lawn!)

Site Donation: Adult Members $7.00 Adult Non Members $12.00 and, as always, children under the age of 10 will be guests of the barony.

Please make checks payable to :SCA barony of dun Or.

Event Stewards : Lady Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi and Lord Torquil Seamus of Dragonheart’s Keep