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Dun Or, founded by Baron Tuvor Sabledrake and Baroness Doria Tecla in 1992 is one of twelve baronies currently in existence within the Kingdom of Caid in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Meaning: Golden Castle; Dun is gaelic for castle, Or is gold in Norman French
Established: 7/1985 as a canton of Altavia. 5/17/1992 as a Barony.
Area: Lancaster, Ca. at founding, NE Kern County and Inyo County presently
Heraldic officer’s title: Popinjay
Awards: See Dun Or Awards
Newsletter: Tower Tails
Fighting Unit(s): Dun Or Levy


  • Jul 1985 – 1st appearance in the Crown Prints as the Altavia Canton of Calmadun
  • Sep 1985 – Canton of Dun Calma registered
  • Oct 1985 – 1st Anniversary Tournament of Calmadun
  • Mar 1986 – CP lists them as Canton of Dun Calma (heraldic correction of Calmadun)
  • Apr 1986 – CP lists them as Canton of Dun Or
  • May 1986 – Canton of Dun Or was registered
  • Oct 17, 1992 – Dun Or became a Barony