Good Gentles all, heed the call to battle!

Their Excellencies of Dun Or have issued a challenged to one another to prove which is worthier: The Oak King or The Holly King. They now call on Their populace, Their family and Their friends to present such proofs and deeds as they are suited to in support of each’s preferred patron, and cause!
On whose side will -you- stand?

Location: Please join us on our Baronial Zoom at for merry and mirthful fun and fellowship!

Schedule: Zoom – 10 am to 10 pm

Twelve Challenges of Dun Or:

To compete in our friendly competition, and earn points for your chosen team, you may participate in any or all of the twelve challenges listed below. Simply post a picture of your completed challenge on Facebook in a reply to the challenge post (linked below), and indicate which team you’re representing, #TeamHolly or #TeamOak. Each completed challenge is worth 1 point. The team with the most total points wins!
The Twelve Challenges of Dun Or Yule are:

*Build a Tower or structure on the Yule Minecraft Server, located at: Server Address : Bedrock edition: ,Port : 19132 | Java Edition:

Event Stewards: Lord Ivan and THL Angharad de Lambrock